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Been kind of a whirlwind week, and weekend for us.  All kinds of neat things.

  Although, shoulder pain is still there, and pretty much constant.  I was released by the surgeon on Wednesday.  All repaired and in the clear!  Ten weeks…Lets see someone else get two totally torn cuff tendons fully repaired and be good to go in that time frame…Hard work paid off.
  Going through the changes with the company.  Totally focused on starting fresh and new.  Hopefully the time spent on all of the details, will be worth it.  Already seeing a few results.  Meeting new people, and messing with some of the new gear.  Waiting for the significant part is like torture though, and yes, it is sort of a secret, even though a few found out somehow.
  As for the rest.  Today is fathers day.  I could care less personally.  But, I would like to wish my “Mom”, and wonderful day.
  Most of all, Thankyou to all who made the effort to come and work yesterday.  It was the annual fin clipping party at Rhodes Pond.  A volunteer group of anglers and the public, raising Fall Chinooks for the future.  The turn out to help out was amazing.  From the past, it seemed to be the largest group ever to attend.  Saw a lot of old faces, and met some new ones to.  Hopefully a couple of the guys and gals come to part of our family as well.  The fish were taken care of, and seemed to be doing well.  Minimal mortality, so that is good.  And, a good surprise to see certain people there.  I do not name any names, but Thankyou to you all.  It is nice to see some actually care about a resource.  I continually take a bashing by some.  By those who do not know me, us, our affiliations, and our history.  You would be shocked by how much we have done behind the scenes here, and for how long.  We have said it before, and we will say it again.  We are fishermen, yes, but huge environmentalists as well.  Do not ever forget that!  If you really want to know some of our history, ask…
  A huge Thanks to all who came and helped.  We will see the results in the future.  And certainly in 4 and 5 years, with big, strong, and healthy Fall Chinooks.  Maybe even a chromer or two for the grill too!
  New computer soon, then we can post some new pictures…Have a wonderful week…
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