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We will add some more as we know more.  We still cannot post any new pictures, due to system failure.  If we can post, they are of old and past times for a little while longer.

  There are some changes going on around here.  As things come along, we will keep you up on the latest happenings.
  Recovery on surgery has slowed a little.  More of a stall in the pain areas.  Mobility is fair to good, but still soreness, and twinges of sharp pain.  Will know a whole lot more next week.
  Fishing was out of control good a little bit ago.  It has since slowed way down.  Fishing has been good at times down in various tidewater area`s.  We are in a dry spell right now, with warm winds, and clear blue skies.  This week, the pressure has been pretty heavy, with the free fishing week.  The next shot of cooler and damp weather should re start a pretty good shove of fish.  For now, here is an older shot from a stud king, caught by a friend of ours…Have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe.  We will be back with news shortly!
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