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Here you are!  Yes, we are aware that our blog was not working.   We had phone calls and emails daily, telling us that it was not working.  Totally appreciate the heads up, but we were aware, and it was being fixed.

Here is the situation…Since this version of The FH website, the blog was being operated as “quickblogcast”…It has since been phased out, and was cancelled abruptly on us, with no warning.  We had to order new.  The best option was “WordPress”.  It is a lot more complicated, but at the same time, has a lot more cool things to use.  As you know, everything is always super easy, and gets done magically with the snap of fingers.  Right?  Yeah.

As this was ordered, we asked specifically to have it totally linked up to the site directly.  As it once was.  Sure, all set, and done.  Yep… Finally, after two weeks, countless hours, and several phone calls, both by myself, and by Sara, it is now done.

So…As this goes along.  The Blog is now live for us all.  I, personally, am going to do a bunch of trial and error stuff, and see what I can do.  Going to try to pimp things out a little.  I am a total novice with computer crap, so it should be interesting.   You might see something cool, or complete crash and burn stuff for a little bit.  So, follow along, and get a nice laugh.  I know you will!

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