U.S. Marshall

This week was full of events.  Did the annual bait runs, more on that later.  Ran some trips, and caught some fish.  Even had an un expected visit from some long time friends.  Retired State Game Police, and former U S Marshall, Joe, and his lovely wife Evie.  Been a while since we have seen them, for health reasons.  We had a really good visit, got treated to dinner, and caught some fish.  Caught some, lost some, missed some, and ended it all with a total show double.  In the prop and all…

Now, we have our first fire in the stove, chores continue, along with bait.  We are headed into the crazy holiday weekend.  We are going to be hermits.  Work on gear, clean boats and all, mow the weeds, plant the remaining plants, and can some pickles.  Might even get paid!  Be kind, patient, and safe if you are out and about.  Off to the races Monday afternoon…9-2-15 fb

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