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Our weekend is nearly over.  We had a lot to plan, and things to do.  The holiday crowd is out and about, but we first want to Thank all veterans for sure.  Make sure to check the previous post.

We are all prepped and ready for the new week.  The Arctic storm sliding our way, should make things interesting.  Possible snow, ice, and definately frosty in the morning.  Cool days ahead for us, as we make our final push to the end of Fall Season.  For the most part, it was good.  We had some tough days, and it was a little more difficult personally, learning how to move all over again.  For now, put your head down, and finish the gig.

Friday and Saturday, was all about Pinky.  Her 70th Birthday!  Man, time is flying by.  We had a simple, but tasty supper Friday afternoon.  LaFrieda burgers and dogs, with various flavored chips, plenty to drink, and sweet rolls for dessert.  Saturday was an event day for us.  We had a buffet dinner, which is rare for us, but with purpose.  Then went to a show.  I could explain further, but magic shows have a small piece in our hearts.  It was a time, when we could simply have a little piece from the drama and emotional pain of what we had as a life.  Being around a show, allowed us to smile, even for a short time.  So, Sara was able to get us tickets, and we went to see Penn & Teller.  Kind of crowded for our liking, but it was a good show, as it has been in the past.  Mostly though, something to experience for us.

For the rest of the week here, we are going to bust ass, try and stay warm, and knock the Hell out of some fish.  And, no, I am not scared to belly up to the stage, and take a picture “wife”!  Could`nt get any closer, and only got yelled at once…



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