Winter Gifts!

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Winter is here!  Cold and crisp for sure.  Currently, the river is “Blowed” out.  Yes, it is spelled wrong.  Just saying hello to a good friend.  He`ll get it.  We just came off of some serious rain, and now headed into a cold snap.  There are some fresh Steelhead around, and likely a lot more than what we saw last week.
  We are all ready to go for the winter and spring season.  Looking forward to it.  As the holidays approach, we are typically into a holding pattern, and waiting on the weather.  As we head further into the season, fishing this year should be really good.  The normal guys that are not on the calendar yet, get in touch.  You know who you are.  As for new people, give us a shout anytime, and we`ll find a good spot for you.  For now, when the rivers come into shape, we`ll let you know whats shakin` around here…

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