Wrapped Up!

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Just finished up our winter season.  It was a long one!  Weather was a major factor for all of us up and down the coast.  Wet,wet, wet…More often than not, we were on the beach with flooded conditions.  When we did fish, it was pretty good, especially late.

All in all, things worked out.  Got to see many of the regulars, and quite a few new faces too!  Caught some fish, heard some neat stories, ate fairly well, and made a little money, and gained some friends.

As we sit here, it is Easter Weekend.  Weather now is cool, but “Sunny”…The big boat is ready for the summer and fall, and the drift boat is all ripped apart, with soap and bleach soaking in.  Trailer is all busted up, and getting repaired as the parts come in.  Basically, the hollow looks like a bomb blew up in it.  We have gear spread for miles!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and the first real sign of “Spring”…

Treven, With a gorgeous late winter steelhead…

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